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I've Lost Faith In Government, Media, Justice System: Beck Reflects on Collectivism in America


"America is hemorrhaging."

(TheBlaze TV)

(TheBlaze TV)

"Big government progressives" are trying to design a "perfect, little utopia," according to Glenn Beck, who took time out during his Tuesday evening broadcast to blast certain lawmakers for seeking to enact far-reaching laws that will encroach on Americans' freedoms.

Beck addressed sweeping gun control laws being debated in Colorado, which he called the "center of the gun control debate."

Beck believes citizens are being robbed of their rights by big government seeking to push collectivism and that today's school system and societal bend as a whole provides a breeding ground for indoctrination.

"America is hemorrhaging," Beck said.

He also noted that he has lost faith in the government, media, justice system and just about every other institution in America. At the same time, Beck said that, in the spirit of George Washington, maybe "we're not supposed to" have faith in any of those things.

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