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Puppy Prosthetics: Dogs With No Front Legs Get Rolling (Plus: See a Piglet Using a 'Wheelchair')


"Hopped like rabbits."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Two toy fox terrier puppies born without front legs due to inbreeding practices would in many cases be euthanized. Not only were the brother and sister's lives spared, but a prosthetics company has outfitted them with custom wheels to aid in mobility.

Now, the pups are looking for a home.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

According to the Today show, a Washington-based company created carts that support the front chests of Honey and Badger and have wheels that act in place of front legs.

Prior to the carts, Today reported, the pair "hopped like rabbits." When the prosthetics became an option, the dogs trained for them by learning to doggy paddle in a swimming pool.

Honey and Badger without their prosthetic carts. (Photo: Valhalla Canine Rescue)

"They did need to get the swimming motion down so that they could start putting their hips in the right formation," Valhalla Canine Rescue worker Patti Mauldin said to Today's Dylan Dreyer.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch Today's footage of the dogs:

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The pair are up for adoption at Valhalla Canine Rescue in Graham, Wash., but Mauldin told KOMO News last week they are "terribly bonded" and that "breaking them up is really not an option."

Mauldin has expressed that she hopes the pups might someday be therapy dogs for someone else who might be disabled as well.

Watch KOMO's report:

Here is Honey and Badger on their first test drive of the wheels in November 2012:

See more pictures of Honey and Badger here.

Now, if you found the terriers' story touching, as a bonus, here's the video of a handicapped piglet named "Chris P. Bacon" that uses a wheelchair fashioned out of K'Nex:

This is the original video of Chris P. Bacon and his wheelchair uploaded to YouTube by Dr. Len Lucero in January:

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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