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Conan O'Brien's New Segment Mashes Up Famous Faces With Hilarious Results

Image: Team Coco

Wednesday, on his late night TV show, comedian Conan O'Brien debuted a clever new segment called "If They Melded."

Image: Team Coco

The new segment was an update of another Conan TV bit (from the NBC days) called "If They Mated." Conan's staff would put two famous faces together and speculate what their offspring might look like.

"If They Melded" continues using famous people to create comedy, but actually uses video editing to meld their faces together and and also insert audio - so we get to hear them speaking. The debut segment featured three pairs of famous folks merging, with some very funny results.

First up, Hillary Clinton and Stephen Tyler.

Image: Team Coco

What did this combo look like when melded?

Image: Team Coco

The second mash up featured pop stars (and recently broken up couple) Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

Image: Team Coco

It is doubtful that either camp will find the mash up as funny as the audience did.

Image: Team Coco

And the biggie... the third and final melding of famous faces. President Barack Obama and singer and American Idol judge, Nicki Minaj

Image: Team Coco

How did these two look when merged?

Image: Team Coco

The entire video is under two minutes in length. Enjoy!

(H/T: Conan O'Brien - TeamCoco.com)


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