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Christian Teen's Anti-Gay 'Rap' Goes Viral -- And This Is Why It Has Liberal Blogs Buzzing

Christian Teen's Anti-Gay 'Rap' Goes Viral -- And This Is Why It Has Liberal Blogs Buzzing

"A painfully flow-less Christian teen spitting h-ate-ful rhymes about homosexuality."

An anti-gay YouTube video is making rounds on left-of-center blogs and news sites this week. The clip, just over two minutes in length, features a young woman who performs a "rap" against homosexuality. Sure to rile anyone who believes in equal rights for gays, the video is devoted to speaking out against same-sex relationships.

Perhaps the most curious element surrounding the attention it is getting, though, is the fact that the clip was first uploaded in June 2012. Despite being relatively old, it's getting play on many of the nation's most popular left-leaning web sites this week, particularly because of its anti-gay contents.

Photo Credit: YouTube

The performance, entitled, "Rated T for Tolerance," was originally uploaded by YouTube user "Apologetics." With little information given about the video's origins or the time at which it was filmed, it's tough to make definitive assessments about the intent of those behind it.

A description accompanying the video, though, does shed some light on the mindsets of those who produced it. It reads:

Equality or Freedom?

Jesus didn't come to make our lives fair, but to set us free.

To become born again and have our mind renewed through Christ is true Freedom through Righteousness; not Equality through fairness. Love is not a right; it is a God-given privilege bought at an extreme price -- death on a cross. Jesus freely gave His life for you and me so we can have the privilege to be with Him in Heaven. God only ordains, blesses, and accounts for marriage as being a covenant between a husband and wife. Society, however, will always find cheap imitations of the real thing, promote it, then sell it. Realize this is not hate speech, I speak every word out of love.

Love is a choice.

Some of the lyrics are certainly controversial, as "Apologetics" (her real name is not given) freely offers up her opinion about homosexuality and the ongoing debate about the rights afforded to gays and lesbians. The words, clearly standing in opposition to these themes, rhyme, as Salon notes.

"Don’t propagate your hate, because I have a higher standard on who you date. I’m not here to rally against that which the government legislates, I simply don’t support a mind that is reprobate," the girl proclaims. "Homosexuality is not innate. It is not a genetic trait. It cannot replicate the love between a man and a woman which God did indeed create."

Salon was less-than-pleased with the performance, sarcastically noting, "Maybe we would all be more receptive to hate speech if it rhymed more of the time?" Here's more about what the outlet had to say about the rap:

The video, titled “T for Tolerance” is a two minute anti-gay Christian rap which is, for totally normal and good reasons, being performed by a teenager in the middle of a forest.

Now this might sound like a hateful and terrible thing to do, but it’s really an act of love. Here’s why: This young Shakespeare has so much Christian compassion for the gays that she would just hate to see them “bake in the lake of fire for love’s sake.”

The Huffington Post, too, found the video offensive, saying that it is "what might be one of the most ridiculous anti-gay 'raps' ever." The outlet's lede, perhaps, perfectly best encapsulates the outlet's opinion on the girl's tune: "T For Tolerance? More like T for Terrible, Terrifying and Tragic."

Wonkette and Gawker also covered the video, with the latter outlet characterizing the clip as, "a painfully flow-less Christian teen spitting h-ate-ful rhymes about homosexuality."

Watch the video that has left-leaning blogs abuzz, below:


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