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Bloomberg's Food Police to hit the NYC streets

(Photo: Shutterstock/AnneMS)

Progressive supporters of Michael Bloomberg's large soda ban might scoff when conservatives liken the mayor to the "food police," but what other image comes to mind when you read this?

Come Tuesday city inspectors will be armed with 17-ounce cups to police New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s controversial new law banning large sodas and other sugary drinks.

The Health Department will begin implementing routine inspections to make sure eateries, including sit down restaurants and fast food chains, are not selling sugary beverages in servings larger than 16 ounces.

Those inspectors will have specially ordered measuring cups to help them enforce the new rule, Deputy Health Commissioner Daniel Kass said in an affidavit recently filed as part of the legal challenge to Bloomberg’s anti-big-soda policy.

Just think: There will now be people on the city government payroll who are paid to measure beverages.  It's for your own good, or something.

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