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Basketball Coach's Celebratory Gatorade Bath Goes Terribly Wrong



Have you ever wondered why you don’t see more winning basketball coaches doused in Gatorade?

Think about it: We see baseball and football coaches doused all the time. When was the last time you saw a basketball coach thoroughly soaked? What’s the deal?

The explanation is actually pretty simple.

“Gatorade baths seem to be almost exclusive property of victorious football coaches. It's easier to create mischief on crowded sidelines, coaches usually aren't wearing fancy suits that can be ruined and, again, you're not challenging the laws of friction and gravity,” writes Kevin Kaduk for Yahoo! Sports.

Indeed. Observe what happens when the women of North Platte Community College douse Coach Richard Thurin after their “huge” win in Sunday's NJCAA Division II Region F title game:


Luckily, according Joe Kinsey of Busted Coverage, Thurin's granddaughter, who uploaded the video to YouTube, said no one was hurt during the incident.

And that’s why you don’t dump Gatorade on your basketball coach. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

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