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Celibacy, Infallibility, Must Work Sundays: Can You Guess Who This Fake LinkedIn Job Posting Is For?


"...possible cons involve celibacy and having to work on Sundays."

So maybe you’re sick of your current job. Heck, in this economy, maybe you don’t even have a job. If that’s the case, the online networking site LinkedIn can be an invaluable tool for helping you advance your professional career.

And, you know, as Catholic Cardinals gather in the Sistine Chapel Tuesday to elect the next pope, you know who’s hiring? Check out the latest job profile making the rounds:

Courtesy Mashable

Let’s see, possible cons involve celibacy and having to work on Sundays. But the pros to the gig are pretty good: You get to travel a lot and your referral bonus is “eternity.”

Seems like a pretty fair trade, right?

Okay, obviously the above is a fake and it has since been removed from LinkedIn. Still, it gave us a good laugh.

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