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Small knives on airplanes are OK, says Washington Post


The TSA announced last week it would allow previously banned objects through screening and carried onto airplanes, including pocketknives. The policy change was greeted with some outrage, given that the 9/11 hijackers used box cutters in their scheme.

Editors at the Washington Post say it'll be fine...

[I]t makes sense for TSA agents to be looking for bombs that could bring down a plane, not scouring luggage for penknives. The agency is not and cannot be in the business of protecting every passenger and crewmember from every conceivable threat. If it tried, it would have to ban a lot more than knives, and its effort would cost far more money, gobble up more of passengers’ already overbooked airport time or both.

The Postcontinues to say post-9/11 airline preparation, including "flight attendants trained in self-defense," makes it safe to allow small knives aboard.


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