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(Updated) $25 gets you a 'Napolitano 2016' shirt


Political Media, a web developer that focuses on libertarian organizations and political candidates, wants Fox News's Judge Andrew Napolitano to run for president. The company has an entire booth set up at CPAC to draft him as a candidate...

And for $25, you can show your support with a "Napolitano 2016" t-shirt.

A guy working the booth told TheBlaze that the goal is to get a libertarian ticket in the 2016 presidential race that forces the Republican Party to the right. The ideal ticket: Rand Paul/Andrew Napolitano (or vice versa).

Joshua Delano of Political Media writes in: "We want a Rand Paul/Andrew Napolitano GOP ticket, not a Libertarian ticket.  We would love to see Napolitano/Paul, two libertarians on the GOP ticket.  Running as a libertarian would be a sure formula for losing."

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