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See the Crazy 40MPH Human Inner Tube Slingshot That Resulted in Broken Bones and Two Being Knocked Unconscious
(Image: YouTube/Devinsupertramp screenshot)

See the Crazy 40MPH Human Inner Tube Slingshot That Resulted in Broken Bones and Two Being Knocked Unconscious

• "Totally worth it" • Same guys behind the giant canyon rope swing

As the saying goes, "it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt."

When you watch Devin Graham's latest video on his YouTube channel Devinsupertramp and see people zooming off a ramp on an inner tube at 40 miles per hour into a lake, the so-called "human slingshot" might look like all fun and games. But we know better. People did get hurt -- not that this stopped anyone afterward though.

(Image: YouTube/Devinsupertramp screenshot)

Filming this intense stunt, which actually seems more like a high-powered Slip-n-Slide rather than a slingshot, resulted in two participants being knocked out, four broken ribs and two broken toes, in total.

To Dallin Smith, though, (who was knocked out and woke up moments later in the middle of the lake being saved by his friends) it was "totally worth it."

Smith, in a phone interview with TheBlaze, said Graham's videos are all about promoting "going out and enjoying life" -- and doing something that many people think is impossible.

"It's part of the thrill to conquer those risks," Smith said.

(Image: YouTube/Devinsupertramp screenshot)

(Image: YouTube/Devinsupertramp screenshot)

(Image: YouTube/Devinsupertramp screenshot)

Watch the footage:

Smith, a viral media guru with the start-up Consulting Virality, was among one of the first injured, but that didn't stop production or deter others from trying.

"We're always scared," Smith said. "We're scared of heights."

You might remember the cross-canyon rope swing TheBlaze reported on recently -- these are the same guys here.

Smith explained with the rope swing specifically that when you're done flying and are hanging in the canyon waiting to get pulled up, you "just have a moment" where you look around and appreciate life. The human slingshot was a slightly different story for Smith.

"It wasn't until about 10 minutes later when recuperating that I enjoyed that moment," he said.

The human-slinging ramp was put together by the clothing company Vooray, which they said in a behind-the-scenes video took about three months in total. It was meant to top their previous human slingshot video, which only had one ramp.

The winch-system pulled riders 60 to 80 feet in the air and up to 100 feet over the water, Vooray's representative Todd said.

This is the machine that pulled the tubes from the other side of the lake. (Image: YouTube/Devinsupertramp screenshot)

"It is safe," he said, noting that participants sign a liability form, wear helmets and EMTs are on hand, just in case. In general, though, maybe take Todd's advice and "don't try this at home."

Here's the behind-the-scenes video:



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