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Social conservative group fears gay 'psywar


The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Prosperity (TFP) -- a conservative group focusing on social issues -- is passing out flyers at CPAC with the "7 reasons to reject GOProud at CPAC."

Here's reason No. 6...

By including those who reject an objective moral law into the conservative movement, we work against ourselves since we invite into our ranks those whose lack of principles will erode and destroy the very core principles for which we fight. The American TFP calls on all CPAC participants to strengthen the conservative movement by rejecting any attempt to separate it from the natural moral law. We must stand firm in face of the homosexual movements overwhelming pressure and its psywar efforts to divide the conservative movement and force its agenda upon us and society. We must not allow ourselves to be cowed into silence by liberal media. We must never surrender our moral principles.

GOProud, a gay Republican group, was prevented from sponsoring CPAC this year and last.

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