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Peggy Noonan upset about Rand Paul's jeans


Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) wore almost a full suit for his speech at CPAC on Thursday. He had everything right except the jeans and Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan was so bothered by them...

On her WSJ blog Saturday Noonan wrote:

I wear jeans and you wear jeans and it’s not unusual for a man to wear jeans with a tie and jacket. They look like happy farmers, or cable TV anchors whose desks don’t show their legs. That being said, could we not wear grown-up suits when we are running for high office?

She's also upset about Sen. Marco Rubio talking about rap music ("do we have to talk so much about Tupac and Biggie, and how the former’s melodic inventiveness is almost equaled by the latter’s lyrical depth?"), one of Rep. Paul Ryan's Timephoto shoots ("Could we please not pose pumping iron in our gym shorts while wearing baseball caps backward on our heads?") and Rep. Aaron Schock's Men's Healthcover ("Could we not pose shirtless to show our abs?")

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