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Be in 'Awe of the History': 24 Incredible Pictures of Old Newspapers Posted After Grandma Turns Over Collection to Grandson


There might be a stack of old newspapers in your garage either passed down by a family member or collected by yourself, but when is the last time you pulled them out?

A woman from Racine, Wisc., saved a slew of publications, collected by her husband mostly from the Midwest and North, and passed the now-yellowed papers onto her grandchild. Noteworthy moments included in the headlines are the attack on Pearl Harbor, the end of the World War II, man walking on the moon and Nixon's resignation, among others.

The grandson going by the username FuzyWumpleStump on the social news site Reddit, posted 24 photos of the newspapers on the photo-sharing site Imgur. Although posted on Imgur eight months ago, FuzyWumpleStump only just called them up on Reddit.

"I am in awe of the history I am holding here," he wrote.

Check out the gallery:

In response to FuzyWumpleStump's thread on Reddit, many other Redditors expressed their nostalgia for the old newspaper smell and entered into a discussion about the history contained in the pages.

Someone also asked how much such a stack would go for. One Redditor responded not very much considering that it's not uncommon for people to save newspapers of historic events. Another Redditor agreed saying they were able to purchase 50 papers about Watergate and Nixon's resignation for about $20 on eBay.

A look on eBay for old WWII newspapers resulted in costs from the $20 range up to the $50 range per newspaper. Given that the Milwaukee Sentinel, for example, cost 5 cents based on the pictures in the slideshow above, that's not a bad return on investment.

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