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Jim Carrey's Wild Anti-Gun Music Video 'Cold Dead Hand' Is Out and It Insults Gun-Owners And...Charlton Heston?


"It takes a cold dead hand to decide to pull the trigger, takes a cold dead heart and as near as I can figure..."

(Photo: Funny or Die)

(Photo: Funny or Die)

Over the weekend, Hollywood funnyman Jim Carrey released a slew of controversial tweets branding those opposed to stricter gun control "heartless motherf%ckers unwilling 2 Bend 4 the safety of our kids."

Many of the tweets referenced a song Carrey released today called "Cold Dead Hand" as part of a "Funny or Die" skit.  In it, Carrey takes aim at the legendary "Ten Commandments" actor and former NRA executive Charlton Heston, saying that because Heston owned guns, the angels couldn't take him to Heaven.

Naturally, Carrey plays several of the roles.  He begins as Heston, asking, "Who would be laughing if it weren't for the patriots who answer the call of freedom?"

Then the band "Lonesome Earl and the Clutterbusters" comes on, now led by Carrey as a singing cowboy, to mock the iconic actor.

Here's the entire video, via Funny or Die:

The tune begins with only light barbs about those who "fear the sounds they hear...fill their hearts with porcupine quills [and are] dead and buried long before they go," before Carrey the singer turns to Heston and says the action-man's movies are no longer in demand.

Carrey continues to sing (content warning for language):

"[Heston's] immortal soul may lay forever in the sand.  The angels wouldn't take him up to Heaven like he'd planned, 'cause they couldn't pry that gun from his cold dead hand..."

It takes a cold dead hand to decide to pull the trigger, takes a cold dead heart and as near as I can figure, with your cold dead aim you're trying to prove your di** is bigger but we know, your chariot may not be swinging low..." [Emphasis added]

Jim Carrey as Charlton Heston. (Photo: Funny or Die)

From there, the singing Carrey asks whether God's "sacred heart [would] be sinking into the canyon of despair" if He knew what all the gun-owners were "thinking."

"And [to] the ones who sell the guns, He'd sick the vultures and coyotes..." Carrey continues.  "Only the devil's true devotees could profiteer from pain and fear..."

Then "Clearly Sam Elliott," or Carrey as another actor frequently cast as a cowboy, interjects to say he'll be watching the gripping "social satire" before pouring beer all over himself.

The song ends with a rapid-fire scenario where the gun-owner, compensating for his small "gland," is shot five times in the "back of the head" by "psycho killers."

Heston, indignant that the band is mocking everything he "holds dear," fumbles with his gun and shoots off his foot.

The band and crowd laugh wildly.

Here's Heston's original "cold dead hands" speech from the NRA convention in 2000:

Do you think Carrey's video is timely "social satire," or an attempt to mock and pressure gun owners?



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