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Meet the Newest Commentators to Join NRA News (Including a Former Navy SEAL)


"The killing machine is here. It’s not in your hand."

(NRA News)

Looking to dispel the myths about firearms, the National Rifle Association has hired two more new NRA News commentators that look much different than what the media would have you believe are your typical "gun nuts."

Joining the popular Colion Noir, who formally joined the NRA's team in early March, are former Navy SEAL Dom Raso and Natalie Foster, editor of "A Girl's Guide to Guns."

NRA News made the announcement on Monday, releasing the following video introducing its audience to the new commentators:

"They have no idea what the difference is between a shotgun and an AR-15, and then they think AR-15s are fully automatic, which is completely false. And then they also think that anybody on the street can obtain a fully automatic firearm. Also false," Foster says in the video.

"The killing machine is here," Raso says, pointing to his head. "It’s not in your hand."

Referring to the popular AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, Noir says it is not the "most destructive platform in terms of weaponry." However, he did say it is "very effective," which is why he wants the right to own one.

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(Left to right) former Navy SEAL Dom Raso and Natalie Foster and Colion Noir. (NRA News)

NRA News also released episode two of "Dishonest Solutions" with Noir, in which he tackles what he views as gun control's inherent dishonesty as a means to reduce gun violence.

"What’s with this sudden obsession with reducing gun violence instead of violence in general?" Noir asks.

"Gun control isn’t a solution," he concludes. "It’s a band-aid on a bullet hole"

Watch below via NRA News:

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