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MSNBC president called Keith Olbermann a virgin and made fun of his ill-fitted pants


A profile in The New Republic on MSNBC President Phil Griffin reveals some things about the relationship between Griffin and Keith Olbermann, prior to Olbermann being fired from the news channel...

From TNR:

[T]here’s a flip side to a personality like Griffin’s. ... He has a weakness for gossip and not even his biggest stars are safe.

Take the case of Keith Olbermann. The two worked together for over a decade, and by most accounts, Griffin was terrific with him. On days Olbermann wouldn’t come to work, a grindingly regular occurrence, Griffin would soothe his tantrums and coax him into the anchor’s chair. But behind his back, Griffin could be scathing. To colleagues, he made fun of the way he wore his pants. He joked that he was a virgin. He employed every cutting expletive he knew and even invented a couple. “Listen, I can have salty language,” Griffin says. “It’s not like we all went down to the bar and told stories. Was Keith the central topic of conversation for everybody in this building? Yes. Did stories get whispered around? Was I at the center of all of it because I looked after Keith? Yes.”

Photos of how Olbermann wears his pants available here (dress slacks) and here (carpenter jeans).


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