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What Is the Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Inside-Out 'Progressive Endgame'?
(TheBlaze TV)

What Is the Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Inside-Out 'Progressive Endgame'?

"They've been trying this for 100 years."

(TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck has been exposing progressives for years now. Keeping with that trend on his show Monday, Beck discussed not only what progressives are currently doing, but also the "progressive endgame."

"The progressive endgame of top-down, bottom-up and inside-out," he began. "They've been trying this for 100 years, to dismantle America as a global power. When they first started they didn't hate America so much, they really thought they could just transform it and make it into something really uber strong. But now they want to dismantle capitalism, the free market and America."

Beck went on to say that progressives and the elites like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and Warren Buffet believe they know better than Americans. "They believe they are going to set themselves up as the kings," he added.

Beck warned that conservatives and freedom-loving Americans are "100 years behind" in the struggle over the country.

"Evil has been trying to win since the very first day in the Garden of Eden," he said. "It always cloaks itself in disguise. It tries to make itself look just like good. And then it tries to flip it. It tries to make evil look good and good look evil."

He continued: "America, I'm telling you, a clock is ticking. We started something here recently, I don't know what it is yet, but a great struggle is coming. Do everything you can to make sure you choose and remain awake and on the right side."

The good news, according to Beck? "They don't win."

Watch the segment via TheBlaze TV below:

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More on the progressive "top-down, bottom-up" strategy on guns, including a tongue-lashing of anti-gun actor Jim Carrey:

[mlbvideo content_id= 25862305]

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