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How to Repurpose Plastic Water Bottles Into DIY Rockets

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Are you tired of drinking from plastic water bottles and then simply throwing them away? Well, a YouTuber now has an explosive project you could conduct before tossing bottles in the recycle bin (although, we should say he doesn't recommend just anyone do it).

The YouTube channel Nighthawkinlight demonstrates how to turn them into rockets, so to speak. It starts with making a rudimentary launching device using PVC and a replacement barbecue grill ignitor.

Launcher made of PVC with a replacement grill ignitor. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Next up is bottle preparation, which only requires an empty bottle and rubbing alcohol. Pour in just a few drops, replace the cap, shake the bottle and then pour out any excess alcohol.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

The prepped bottle then is placed on the PVC launcher, which had several layers of duct tape wrapped around it to prevent the bottle from sliding up the full way. Then push the red button.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

It should be noted that Nighthawkinlight points out the project has hazards of minor burns and knuckle hair loss and could be a fire hazard. For these reasons, he wrote that it shouldn't be tried at home.

Back to the recycling bin for those bottles.

(H/T: Gizmodo)

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