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Ben Carson doesn't want to be president, he wants to be on TV


Some news that will let many conservatives and certainly the editors of the Wall Street Journal down. Dr. Ben Carson doesn't really want to be president. He wants to be a TV star.

“I think everyone needs to hear what I am talking about,” Carson, who gained admiration on the right for his National Prayer Breakfast speech last month, told the Washington Post in a Sunday feature. And he let loose that media, not the presidency, is the best way to do that...

After a several-day onslaught from fans and the media, many wanting to know his potential political plans, Carson has eased away from suggestions he may have his eyes on the White House. The 61-year-old doctor now says the likelihood of a presidential run is “incredibly small.” What he really wants is a second career in television when he retires from Johns Hopkins later this year.

“Maybe if you write about it in your article, somebody will say, ‘Let’s do it,'" Carson told the Post of his hopes to be discovered as a TV pro.

After Carson's Prayer Breakfast speech, the Wall Street Journal editorialized: "Ben Carson for President."


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