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Video Allegedly Shows Mexican Cartels at Work in the Arizona Desert


"Cartels will continue to set up a strong foot hold in America if the proper resources and manpower are not allocated."

(Photo: Townhall.com)

Townhall has reportedly obtained exclusive footage from a Border Patrol surveillance camera in the Arizona desert, near the border with Mexico (the precise location is not given).

The video, dated to March 7, 2013, appears to show a group of men loading and unloading large, wrapped parcels from a vehicle.  Townhall claims the individuals depicted are "working for Mexican cartels loading drugs into the trunk of a car in the Arizona desert."

Here is the video:

The clip comes on the heels of Townhall's report yesterday that illegal border crossings have doubled or tripled since the latest round of immigration reform talks began.

The author of both stories, Katie Pavlich, is a New York Times bestselling author and expert on Operation Fast and Furious, a U.S. operation that placed guns into the hands of murderous Mexican cartels.

But perhaps the most damning part of Townhall's most recent report comes from an abandoned cell phone allegedly found near Quijotoa, Arizona.

The phone appears to be filled with images of young men posing with large weapons.

Here's one example:

(Photo: Townhall.com)

"Multiple Border Patrol agents have expressed concerns to Townhall about under patrolling of the border, saying incidents like the one above will start to occur more frequently as a result of cuts in working hours," Townhall writes.  "They've warned there will be...an increase in criminals entering the United States, including terrorists, and that cartels will continue to set up a strong foot hold in America if the proper resources and manpower are not allocated to secure the border."

Mexican drug cartels have killed tens of thousands over the past decade, and evidence seems to indicate they are moving north.

"What is the Gang of Eight planning to do about the Mexican cartel problem in the United States?" Pavlich asks in conclusion.

Click here to read Townhall's entire report, which includes more photos from the abandoned cell phone. 



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