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Meet the Student Who Claims He Tackled the Lone Star College Stabber Then Posted a Photo of Suspect on Instagram


​​​"Man f**k that sh*t you stabbed a woman Im comin after your a**."


Though it has yet to be confirmed, Fox News and other outlets have interviewed a Lone Star College student who claims that he helped tackle the serial stabber who injured at least 14 Tuesday. The student, identified as Steven Maida, then reportedly snapped a photo and posted it on Instagram for the world to see.


Maida then apparently took this selfie from the back of a police cruiser:


A Twitter user also claiming to be Steven Maida also tweeted about the stabbing earlier in the morning and was later fielding interview requests from CNN and the Houston Chronicle.

"Man f**k that sh*t you stabbed a woman Im comin after your ass," Twitter user @StevenMaida62 wrote at 11:40 a.m. Tuesday.

Additionally, KHOU.com has released the first video of the stabbing suspect being transported by police. Watch:

TheBlaze will post video Fox News' interview with Maida as soon as it becomes available.

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