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Just in Time For the Convention: Glenn Beck Debuts New Shirt Supporting NRA


"Stand With the NRA"

Glenn Beck on Wednesday announced the launch of 1791.com’s new “Stand With the NRA” shirt:

“This is a shirt that is made for the [NRA] convention. We decided to sell it online, but this is what's going to be sold at the convention for the NRA,” Beck explained. “This is the most important convention for the NRA in their history, and this is the most important time for the Second Amendment in our nation's history.”

“[O]n the back of this shirt, you will see this is an actually original document that we found that is to certify that you are a member of the NRA in good standing and it's signed by Ulysses S. Grant and it's from an original document,” he added.

You can find 1791.com’s “Stand With the NRA” shirt here.


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