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Will Costs Lead to ObamaCare Collapsing Under Its Own Weight?


It's become increasingly clear that a plurality of politicians on each side recognize that ObamaCare as it is now is not workable.  Why? The funding necessary to implement the law is just not there. The HHS revealed Wednesday that it expects to spend $4.4 billion by the end of this year on grants to help states set up new insurance exchanges, after estimating last year that the grants would cost $2 billion. The department is calling for an additional $1.5 billion now.

While the right is still opining for a recall, some on the left now want to add on more legislation to the 2,500 page plus law. The Partnership for Sustainable Health Care, an alliance of health plans, consumer advocates and a hospital that support ObamaCare, has released a five-point proposal to update the Affordable Care Act to control costs. The five recommendations from the organization:

  • Transform the current payment paradigm by transitioning away from the current fee-for-service payment system towards payment approaches that demonstrate their effectiveness in improving both quality and cost.
  • Pay for care that is proven to work by reducing payments for services that prove to be less effective and to have weaker value than alternative therapies.
  • Incentivize consumer engagement in care to enable consumers to make better use of their discretionary care choices.
  • Improve and shore up America’s health care infrastructure by focusing on seven specific areas to allow for cost- and quality-related innovations.
  • Incentivize states to partner with public and private stakeholders to transform the health care system.

Lachlan Markay of The Washington Free Beacon joined 'Real News' Friday to discuss if the overwhelming cost of Obamacare could lead to the law collapsing under its own weight.


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