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Experts Join TheBlaze TV to Provide Up-to-Date Analysis on Boston Terror Attack


"The coincidence of the location and how this was set off does not seem to indicate that this was a random act."

BOSTON - APRIL 16: Investigators in white jumpsuits work the crime scene on Boylston Street following yesterday's bomb attack at the Boston Marathon April 16, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts. Security is tight in the City of Boston following yesterday's two bomb explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, that killed three people and wounding hundreds more. Credit: Getty Images

On Tuesday evening Glenn Beck was joined by a host of people including TheBlaze's Managing Editor Glenn Hall, radio host Stu Burguiere as well as national security experts Spencer Coursen and Buck Sexton to provide the latest updates and analysis on the terror attacks in Boston.

"The coincidence of the location and how this was set off does not seem to indicate that this was a random act," Hall noted.

Beck said that while some are accusing right wing domestic extremists for the attack, he does not believe American citizens would attack innocent fellow Americans. Rather, Beck believes this is the work of Islamists.

While speculation abounds, Hall pointed out that authorities are still being cautious on who is to blame.

Here is what we've learned so far:

The explosives were contained in pressure cookers and the type seen used by insurgents in Afghanistan  three people have perished including an 8-year-old boy, 176 have been injured with dozens losing limbs;  the Saudi Arabian National who was once a "person of interest" is now simply being considered a witness; heroes including NFL players, first responders, and everyday people stepped in to help those in need during the crisis.

"It's 24/7," Sexton said of first responders and law enforcement officers' role in the aftermath of a terror attack. "Even though it is impossible to stop all attacks...and your job is to prevent this sort of thing," he explained that it becomes law enforcement's mission to find those responsible.

Sexton also noted that if the perpetrator or perpetrators were in fact found and cornered, there is the added possibility of them committing a suicide attack to not be taken alive.

What's more, if this turns out to be a "right-wing kook," radio host Pat Gray pointed out, "that is not going to be good for Americans."

The series of clips below provide expert analysis and break downs of what may have prompted the attacks, who is behind them, and what's in store:

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