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The Onion' goes dreary for Boston Marathon bombings


ABC's Jimmy Kimmel began his late-night show Monday by calling the Boston Marathon bombings "a disgusting thing." He said he didn't understand it but that it was his job to make his audience laugh. "I will try to do that -- and I will probably fail. I’m failing already," he said.

It's a fine line to walk when your job is to make people laugh and a national tragedy has just taken place. The satirical newspaper The Onion found itself in the same situation as Kimmel and the other late-night hosts...

"Authorities: Sadly, There Are Many People Who Could Have Done This," reads an uncharacteristically tame headline on one of The Onion's stories Tuesday. Another mock article attributes a quote to President Obama as somberly saying, "My fellow Americans, the events that happened yesterday in Boston are entirely consistent with the current state of humankind. ... That’s the world in a nutshell, basically." A third dreary headline: "Area Man Growing A Little Tired Of Rushing Home To Hug Loved Ones."

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