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Concert Goers in Argentina Treated to Meteor Flash (Plus Top Videos From Weekend's Lyrid Shower)

(Image: AP video screenshot)

While fans were cheering for a band finishing up their concert in northern Argentina, a suspected meteor flashed green and blazed in the stage's backdrop Sunday night.

The folk music band Los Tekis played at an outdoor venue, according to the Associated Press, and raw footage taken originally of the performers was able to capture what has not yet officially been confirmed as a meteor on camera.

(Image: AP video screenshot)

(Image: AP video screenshot)

(Image: AP video screenshot)

Watch the footage:

The Lyrid meteor shower peaked over the weekend, but it is unknown if what was seen in the Argentinian sky was related. According to NASA, the meteor shower is composed of particles of dust shed from the tail of the periodic Comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher.

Here are a few other videos from activity that was related to the meteor shower:

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