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Is This Evidence of Bigfoot?

Is this a foot? (Image: Lakeville Police Department via Patriot Ledger)

A mysterious body part was found by two boys playing in the woods of Lakeville, Massachusetts, late last month.

It seems to be an appendage, like a foot. The Patriot Ledger reported what appears to be a decomposing body part was picked up by the Lakeland Police Department and sent to the medical examiner for evaluation.

Is this a foot? (Image: Lakeville Police Department via Patriot Ledger)

Police Chief Frank Alvilhiera told the Patriot Ledger last week that the examiner said the appendage was not human, but noted that it does appear to have five toes. Some have speculated that it could be evidence of a so-called "Bigfoot."

Here's a look at an X-ray of a human foot for comparison purposes. (Image:

Alvilhiera though it could be a bear paw or that of another animal.

This report from the  National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory compares bear paws to human hands and feet. Here's a look at a skinned paw pictured in the report:

(Photo: Constable Timothy Anderson, Alexis Creek Detachment Royal Canadian Mounted Police)

“It will take some time before we hear any official results,” Alvilhiera said of the foot's identity.

In other Bigfoot news, just a couple weeks ago, a Sasquatch hunter in Pennsylvania claims to have recently seen the creature and took casts of its so-called footprints:

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(H/T: Daily Mail)



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