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What's So Great About This Viral Evian Video That It Got Nearly 30 Million Hits in Five Days?


"Dancing with my baby-me."

(Image: Evian Babies/YouTube screenshot)

A new commercial for the bottle water company Evian posted only five days ago has gone viral, earning nearly 30 million views on YouTube as of Wednesday evening.

The viral video depicts "dancing with my baby-me." That is, adults looking at themselves in the mirror but seeing the baby version of themselves as the reflection. The image looking back at them isn't the only blast from the past in the video either, as the song they sport their dance moves to is a remix of the 1990s "Here Comes the Hotstepper."

(Image: Evian Babies/YouTube screenshot)

(Image: Evian Babies/YouTube screenshot)

(Image: Evian Babies/YouTube screenshot)

Check it out:

This isn't the first hit Evian has had using the babies. In 2009, it released this video (below), which has more than 66,000 views:

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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