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Mysterious Giant Head Found in Hudson River


"Looked like something out of a futuristic dystopian movie."

(Photo: Marist College Crew/Facebook)

Many strange items and creatures have been found in New York's rivers, especially near New York City. But the latest dragged to shore out of the Hudson about 83 miles north of the city by a crew team is sure to furrow eyebrows.

(Photo: Marist College Crew/Facebook)

The giant head of a male in a Greek or Roman-esq style was found in the river just south of Poughkeepsie by the Marist College crew team. The team is now trying to figure out the origin of the seven-foot-tall fiberglass head, which some speculate could be a theater prop.

New York Newsday has more on the discovery:

It "looked like something out of a futuristic dystopian movie," [coach Matt] Lavin said. "I thought it was Lady Liberty's head."

As in the "Planet of the Apes" Lady Liberty, poking out of the sands on some forgotten shore?

"That's exactly what I was thinking of," Lavin said.

(Photo: Marist College Crew/Facebook)

(Photo: Marist College Crew/Facebook)

In figuring out how such a piece would get to that location in the river, Newsday reported that given the flow of the river -- it goes in both directions -- the head could have come from the north or south.

Ten rowers toted the head to the college's boat dock after finding it.

Check out more pictures on the Marist College Crew Facebook page here.

If you have any ideas as to where this could have come from, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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