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Surveillance Video Catches Young Child Brandishing Handgun to People on Philly Street


"[V]ery young juvenile"

This one in a convenience store appears to be the youngest. (Image: PPD/YouTube screenshot)

Surveillance video released by the Philadelphia Police Department shows three young minors being sought for brandishing a black handgun on the streets and pointing it at strangers.

According to CBS Local out of Philadelphia, police have been told by witnesses the weapon was either a toy or a BB gun but they don't know for sure. Police also said one of the three suspects -- a 10 year old -- has turned himself in, while they still search for the others.

The department states the incidents involving the gun occurred April 22 when one of the suspects pointed it at a man, saying "hey buddy." The man, who turned out to be an active duty Marine home from duty, ran inside and dialed 911.

Watch CBS's report where police say they believe they would have an arrest soon, regardless if the gun was real or a toy:

Before this brandishing the gun at the Marine, surveillance video shows a "very young juvenile" wearing shorts and a red shirt pulling the gun out of his backpack. He points it at a woman crossing the street who holds her hands up as if she were being robbed but continues walking.

(Image: PPD/YouTube screenshot)

The boy turns around and soon hands off the gun to another suspect who is taller and appears older. This second boy a few moments later turns the corner and sees a group of approaching males. He drops to his knee and points the gun at them. They veer toward the wall of a building, appearing as if they fear they could be shot.

(Image: PPD/YouTube screenshot)

This suspect joins the group, which then, collectively, jumps all over the hood of an SUV that stops at traffic sign. Someone opens the passenger side door. It is unclear if the gun is being shown to those inside the car at this time.

(Image: PPD/YouTube screenshot)

After the car drives off is when they encounter the Marine who would later run inside and call 911.

Even though the authorities say some speculate the gun is either toy or BB gun and it could therefore be non-lethal, they still caution that suspects could be legitimately armed.

Thursday, authorities were still looking for two suspects, but here are screenshots of surveillance videos of all three.

This one in a convenience store appears to be the youngest. (Image: PPD/YouTube screenshot)

(Image: PPD/YouTube screenshot)

(Image: PPD/YouTube screenshot)

Watch the police surveillance video:

(H/T: Drudge Report)

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