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Meet the Man Who Reportedly Helped Save the 3 Missing Ohio Women -- And Watch His Very Entertaining Local TV News Interview


"I went to McDonald's. I came home. I'm eating my McDonald's."

Charles Ramsey (WJW-TV)

Charles Ramsey (WJW-TV)

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight, three Ohio women who went missing about a decade ago, were found alive Monday in a residential area just south of downtown Cleveland.

The man who seemingly helped rescue the girls, a neighbor, said he heard a woman screaming before doing some investigating. After making the startling discovery the man called 911. You can listen to his 911 call here.

His name is Charles Ramsey and he also gave quite an interesting interview with local news station WJW-TV after it was confirmed that the girls were OK.

Here's how he remembered the day's events occurring:

"I went to McDonald's. I came home. I'm eating my McDonald's. I got the day off from work, so naturally you're doing nothing. And I hear this girl screaming and she's going nuts. So I come outside and I know there's nobody that's supposed to be screaming next door to my house because there's no girl that lives in that house. So that's a dead giveaway that something's wrong.

And when I came to the front door, I looked at her and she said, 'My name is Amanda Berry, please get me out this house.' So I'm thinking, ah whatever, so I helped her get out the house, I ain't thinking you really that girl that's missing, you been gone for so long, you know, you think you lying."

"And then she said there was two more girls up in the house," Ramsey said.

When asked by the reporter if he had any idea that was going on next door, the neighbor replied, "No, 'cause I would have pulled this heroic stuff last year."

The neighbor said "we all know him," referring to the man who lives in the house where the three girls were found. "He a good dude," he said.

The interview is worth a watch:

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