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Slingshot Channel Guy Does It Again, Weaponizes Common Household Cleaning Aid


"You may want to stock up on toilet brushes before the government outlaws them."

(Image: Slingshot Channel/YouTube screenshot)

If anyone was going to turn a toilet bowl cleaning brush into a weapon, it would have to Joerg Sprave, the host of the Slingshot Channel on YouTube.

With the idea "can I weaponize toilet brushes?" coming to him after his wife gave him a gag gift of toilet brush with a handle like that of a handgun, Sprave sets out to make it happen. 

"When the inevitable will happen and the Dead walk the land, one must be able to convert household items into weapons, quickly," Sprave wrote in the video's description. 

Not to ruin his own nifty handgun-themed brush, Sprave bought the cheapest toilet brush he could find for his experiment. 

(Image: Slingshot Channel/YouTube screenshot)

Gluing a nail on the front and creating a means for his slingshot crossbow to attach to it, Sprave modified the brush. Not just any crossbow though mind you though, it's a 7-footer (see the screen capture below). 

(Image: Slingshot Channel/YouTube screenshot)

"It went in absolutely straight and you could even hear the hissing of the fletching here," Sprave said in the video. 

(Image: Slingshot Channel/YouTube screenshot)

Next Sprave shoots it into solid wooden planks. 

(Image: Slingshot Channel/YouTube screenshot)

And then in true Slingshot Channel fashion, Sprave sends it into a coconut embedded in ballistic gelatin. 

(Image: Slingshot Channel/YouTube screenshot)

"Zombies, I've got some bad news for you," Sprave says laughing, "I will kill you with a toilet brush." 

Ultimately, Sprave said he is surprised at the accuracy and force of the weaponized toilet brush. 

"You may want to stock up on toilet brushes before the government outlaws them," Sprave joked. 

Watch the footage (Content warning: Some strong language)



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