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Investigative and Psychology Experts Join 'Wilkow!' to Discuss Ohio Abduction Case and Rehabilitation for the Victims


CMP Protective and Investigative Group President Thomas Ruskin and psychologist Bonny Forrest joined 'Wilkow!' Tuesday to discuss the shocking Ohio abduction case and what will be next for both the victims and suspects. If you are not up to date with the story that is evolving at this hour, here's what we know so far.

  • Three women were found alive Monday in the same Cleveland neighborhood where they had disappeared in 2002, 2003, and 2004 respectively. 
  • At the time of their discovery, and possibly throughout their entire abduction, the women (now 32, 27, and 23) had been held against their will at the home of the now 52-year-old former bus driver Ariel Casto.
  • Castro, along with brothers Pedro (54) and Onil (50), have been arrested and are now in the custody of authorities. 
  • Along with the three women, a young child was also found in the home. Police say that she is the daughter of one of the women, with one of the Castro's suspected to be the father. 
  • Police say they found chains and bondage in the basement of the home.
  • Local media outlets report that the women were forced to have sex with their captors, resulting in up to five pregnancies, with investigators saying the pregnancies were ended by the captors beating the women. 
  • Police were alerted to the abduction after one of the women escaped Monday night and called the police from a neighbors house. 

Watch a clip from Tuesday's show below where Wilkow and expert guests discuss the latest from the case and what could be next for the victims:

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