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Taliban Magazine Cover Says Obama: 'Wanted Dead Only'


The magazine offers Muslim youth contact details and encryption codes to maintain contact with jihadist leaders

The Taliban, like its al Qaeda counterpart, has now launched a glossy magazine dedicated to all things jihad dubbed "Azan."

Typical entries include calls to recruit jihadis to defeat the "Great Satan" (i.e. the U.S.) and its drone technology, among other predictable chestnuts. The most recent issue's cover and feature story, however, goes one step further and showcases an image of President Barack Obama bearing the words: "Wanted Dead Only."

The magazine goes on to state that the terrorists' primary goal is to liberate Palestine from Israel.

MEMRI reports that Azan's goal is aimed at self-radicalizing Muslim youth, stating:

"Azan is also a platform for the Muslim men and women abroad who seek to humiliate the tyrants in their own lands. We ask all Muslims holding such noble aspirations of discharging their sacred duty of jihad to contact us…."

Further, MEMRI reports that Azan's editorial outlines a media war: "It is also imperative that the ideological battle that the Crusader-Zionist enemy is waging be fully laid out in front of the Muslim masses and a proper reaction to this onslaught be formalized…."

The magazine also features articles and quotes from famed jihadis both past and present, including Anwar Al-Awlaki, Osama bin Laden and Faisal Shahzad, the Taliban terrorist who attempted to explode a car bomb in New York's Times Square on May 1, 2010.

Shahzad's quote reads as follows:

"This is only one life. If I were to be given a thousand lives then I would spend each of them waging jihad in the path of Allah, defending my lands, and raising the Law of Allah to be the highest. Allah's law is supreme and it surpasses all other man-made systems and laws. We do not follow these man-made laws because they are always corrupt."

Most importantly, however, is that the magazine offers Muslim youth contact details and encryption codes to maintain contact with jihadist leaders:

"If you would like to contribute to the magazine or to the global jihad against the Crusader-Zionist alliance – or if you would like to ask questions or give some comments," the text reads, "then contact us using the following email address: azan23452@yahoo.com."

"The procedure for secret communication with us is the same as with the Inspire magazine. All communications will go through the Asrar-ul-Mujahideen Ver. 2 Program. Instructions on using that program can be found in the first issue of Inspire magazine of AQAP, as well as on the websites where the software is available: >> www.ansar1.info, >> www.ribatmarkaz.co.nr. "(Our email address and public key will be changed with every issue InshaAllah)."

Information such as this being disseminated in print and online will only help to radicalize an even broader contingent of aspiring jihadists around the globe.

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