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Hola, Elmo! 'Sesame Street' welcomes new Hispanic neighbor


The beloved children's classic is once again redefining itself, adjusting its cast to reflect America's changing demographics. The newest neighbor on the block is "Armando," a bilingual writer.

(Image: AP)

"Armando" is set to make his big debut on Sept. 16, during “Sesame Street’s” 44th season.  The actor planing "Armando" will be Ismael Cruz Cordova.  Cordova told the Associated Press that he actually learned to speak English by watching "Sesame Street."

“I am incredibly proud to be a part of a show that acknowledges and celebrates diversity so whole-heartedly and am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to represent Latino-Americans on ‘Sesame Street,” he told ABC News

For a peak at the behind-the-scenes search for the perfect "Armando," check out video after the jump!

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