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Awkward: Oblivious Reporter Congratulates Matthew Perry on His Show Getting Cancelled


"Oh thank you...You're talking about my show getting cancelled?"

(Photo: YouTube/KingsVision)

Fox Sports West's Dan Moriarty interviewed Hollywood actor Matthew Perry at a recent L.A. Kings game, and the exchange was almost painfully awkward.

Moriarty, perhaps aware that there had been a big change in Perry's career but unaware of the details, remarked: "You know, for a guy like you, big news today! A congratulations is in order."

Perry, well-known for his role in the hit show "Friends," just had his new NBC Show "Go On" cancelled after just one season.

Without missing a beat he replied: "Oh thank you. You're talking about my show getting cancelled?"

As the reporter nods with a frozen look on his face, Perry continues in stride: "Yes, it was sort of a sad day because of the people.  I mean I miss them...Ah, but, you know this show I was doing was really getting in the way of Kings games, so it's okay."

"So it's a double-edged sword congratulations," Moriarty concluded, quickly changing the conversation back to sports.

Watch the exchange below, via KingsVision:

(H/T: TheWrap TV)



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