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Beck Ties Together Benghazi, IRS, & AP Scandals: 'Fundamental Transformation


"[The] fundamental transformation of the United States of America."

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Glenn Beck began his radio show Wednesday putting the three scandals currently facing the Obama administration -- Benghazi, the IRS targeting conservatives, and the Associated Press' phone records being seized by the Department of Justice -- in context.

Beck contends that more than just indicating the administration's corruption, the three scandals are all part of a bigger goal to "fundamentally transform the United States of America," in the words of President Obama.

And though the president has claimed there is no scandal surrounding Benghazi and that he was ignorant of the acts taken by the IRS and the DOJ, Beck didn't buy it.

"It's absolutely incomprehensible.  There's no way.  There's no way he didn't know," Beck said.  "But I want to go back to the name of the scandals.  We have Benghazi, IRS, and the AP.  I tried to figure out what these things were really all about --in the end what do these three scandals have in common?"

"What they have in common is the arrogance of transforming the world," Beck contended.


Beck began with Benghazi, focusing partly on reports that we were running guns to Syrian rebels.

"In Benghazi he was transforming the Middle East. He wanted to run guns, support the Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia was the one who asked us to support the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria. So support the Muslim Brotherhood in the entire Middle East, run guns to the Muslim Brotherhood through Turkey into Syria and cede revolution, not just in Syria but all throughout the Middle East," he began.

"This is the transformation of the Middle East. That's his policy. He has allow a few coworkers to die on the list...Remember that. We have to come back to that. 'If we just, if we have to allow a few coworkers to die, that's okay.' He's also transforming the military and the State Department, the CIA, and the fundamental way that we have felt at least that we have run on general honesty and decency. We know that not everybody in the military is a good guy...but generally we have felt in the past that generally they're trying to do the right thing and we're not going to leave people on the battlefield. If it is worth doing, we do it right."

​Internal Revenue Service:

Beck argued that the IRS targeting conservative groups and pro-Israel organizations is about "transforming political consent" and stifling the First Amendment.

"He knows he can't come out and say, 'Hey, we're going to have to shut down all political dissent.  You can't go out and protest, you can't speak out against me, you can't speak out against the government.'  He knows he can't do that.  They tried.  Remember how much trouble [we had] trying to get everything locked down with Restoring Honor in Washington [with the Department of Justice]?...They made it almost impossible for us to do it.  What were they doing?  [That's] your right to freely assemble.  Your right to address your grievances directly to government.  Your right to come together and protest.  That's First Amendment.  Trying to transform it."

Beck noted that soon after the Benghazi attack President Obama said at the United Nations that people have asked him why we don't just "ban" offensive videos, which he was at the time blaming for the attack.

"'Let's just ban free speech?' Beck mocked.  "Nobody would say that.  [Obama's] saying what he's thinking.  And maybe his circle of friends, [but] you need a new circle of friends, Mr. President."

"So the IRS is about transforming political dissent, first through nudge.  'Read the Huffington Post.  Read Al‑Jazeera.'  ...Then he starts to shove you.  And the shove is, 'You speak out, I'm going to smear your reputation... [Then] shoot.  This scandal is about shoot," Beck said, paraphrasing: "I'm actually going to use the union thugs to beat you, and I'm also going to destroy your life and finance through the IRS.  I will destroy you.  I will bankrupt you."

​Associated Press:

Beck contended that the Associated Press having two months of phone records secretly seized by the Department of Justice is "the final piece of transformation for the media."

"They went to the AP and they said, 'Tell us your source.'  ...I want you to hear this fact clearly.  This president has gone after and is prosecuting more whistleblowers than all of the other presidents combined in American history.  By the way, he's had five years," Beck said.  "Understand that's during the Communist hunts.  That's during Vietnam.  That includes all of World War II, all of World War I and Woodrow Wilson.  That includes Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War.  All other presidents combined.  So he's already done an effective job in shutting people up."

Beck tied it to the recent story about the Saudi national once considered a "person of interest" in the Boston bombings.

"This is why when we come to you and we have one piece of paper for a 212(3)(B), this is why you can't get more because these guys know they will go to jail for 20 years.  They know their life will be destroyed.  Their reputation will be destroyed; they'll never work again.  Their life will be destroyed.  Financially they will turn them inside out," Beck said.  "And on top of that, we have other whistleblowers that won't go on the record who have told us all kinds of things but won't allow us to go on the record yet, won't show us the actual pieces because they're afraid for their life.  Where did that come from?  This president has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all other presidents combined.  The president himself I believe said in 2006 or 7...Anybody who doesn't agree with transparency, anybody who is involved in silencing people has something to hide.  That's President Barack Obama's own words."

Big Picture:

"First you threaten the watchdogs. You tell the watchdogs, you shut up or you're going to jail. And those who break through and show that they're brave enough, you have to show them how aggressive you're willing to get," Beck summarized. "You have to show them, 'I'm going to go around the Constitution because I have that kind of power. I'm not afraid. The press is more on my side than your side. They'll shut up and so I will go after and I will find you!'"

"At the same time they're threatening reporters by showing the reporters, they have 20 phone lines. All of the reporters know 'The government knows who I have talked to, the government knows when I talk to them,'" he concluded. "I can guarantee you there's a lot of reporters that were on those phone lines talking to sources that are now going, 'Oh, crap.' It's complete."

"This is the last part of the fundamental transformation. What do all of these have in common?" Beck asked. "Transformation: Transform the Middle East, transform the First Amendment, and transform the media and the watchdogs. [The] fundamental transformation of the United States of America."

Watch Beck's entire explanation, below:

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