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What Do the IRS, Benghazi and AP Scandal All Have in Common?


Intimidation from the Obama White House?

President Obama. (Getty Images)

With the myriad scandals plaguing the White House -- from the Benghazi debacle to IRS probes of conservative organizations, to the Associated Press' phone records being seized by the Department of Justice -- President Obama seems to forever be feigning ignorance.

Obama's seeming lack of awareness of these three major issues prompted Glenn Beck to ask the question: Is there anything the president does know?

"Arrogance, fundamental transformation and intimidation" are all at play, according to Beck, in terms of the administration's involvement with Benghazi, the IRS investigations and the recent AP-phone records seizure.

Combined, Beck coined the term "intimogate" to characterize the administration's penchant for intimidating the media, whistle blowers, and those with dissenting political opinions.

Perhaps it is just "the Chicago way."

Regarding the White House's seizure of AP phone records, Beck noted that the administration "has so profoundly changed our government and what we know about our rights... that even the executive director of the AP isn't even sure if they [Obama administration] broke the law."

Based on the administration's actions, Beck asked how AP journalists could ever feel comfortable reporting the truth when they will have to fear retribution from the White House.

"This president has prosecuted more whistle-blowers," Beck added, "than all other presidents" combined. And those who criticize the president are targeted.

So does the right hand really not know what the left hand is doing?

Given the number of advisers, staffers and top aides at the president's disposal, it seems unlikely:

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