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This Is How Americans With No Religion Feel About Abortion (Plus: Are Most Women Really Pro-Choice?)

This Is How Americans With No Religion Feel About Abortion (Plus: Are Most Women Really Pro-Choice?)

Following the Dr. Kermit Gosnell trial, the issue of abortion is, perhaps, more controversial than ever, with activists on both sides clashing over alleged gruesome practices said to go on at U.S. clinics. Considering the current dynamic surrounding the debate, looking at where Americans stand on the abortion issue adds intriguing perspective into contemporary culture.

Last week, Gallup released a reporthighlighting citizens' views on the matter. While the nation remains starkly divided, the collective saying they are pro-life (48 percent) has once again edged out the pro-choice cohort (45 percent).

Photo Credit: Gallup

On Wednesday, Gallup released additional analysis, highlighting where subgroups stand on the issue. Depending on age, political persuasion and theological views, the proportions greatly differ. And some of the results, especially considering existing stereotypes and assumptions, are relatively startling.

Take, for instance, individuals who have no religious identity. The vast majority -- 80 percent -- of these people are pro-choice, with only 15 percent calling themselves pro-life. That's a pretty stunning majority, regardless of the subgroup's characteristics.

Following the non-religious on the pro-choice front comes liberals and Democrats. As for the former cohort, 73 percent are pro-choice and only 23 percent consider them pro-life. And as for Democrats, the breakdown is 62 percent versus 31 percent.

Among the most pro-life of the groups analyzed are, not surprisingly, Catholics, Protestants, conservatives and Republicans. The latter two groups are the most supportive of pro-life sentiment, with 66 percent of conservatives and 68 percent of Republicans embracing the label (26 percent of both groups are pro-choice).

As for Protestants and "other Christians" and Catholics, 54 percent of both groups are pro-life, with 39 percent of the former group and 38 percent of the latter embracing pro-choice sentiment.

You can see the full list of key demographic breakdowns, below:

Photo Credit: Gallup

It's also worth noting that some would likely be surprised by the proportions for women and men. While the trends over time tell a story of their own, the idea that most women support abortion rights is shattered by these latest Gallup proportions.

Currently, 46 percent of women are pro-life and 47 percent are pro-choice. On the flip side, 50 percent of men are pro-life and 42 percent are pro-choice.

See the full results here.

(H/T: Gallup)


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