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So Sick of No Answers': Blaze Readers Respond to Obama's IRS Dodge

"Yet another 'we will look into it.'"



President Barack Obama skirted a reporter's question Thursday about whether he or anyone else at the White House had known about the Internal Revenue Service's deliberately targeting conservative organizations that applied for tax-exempt status.

Instead of answering directly, Obama responded, "I can assure you that I certainly did not know anything about the IG report before the IG report had been leaked through the press" -- referring to an inspector general's report, which he wasn't asked about. Obama senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer subsequently said that no one in the White House, including the president, had been aware of what was happening.

Here's what some of you had to say about Obama's answer:


I believe this is the first hint we have that Obama is hiding white house complicity in this debacle. Notice he didn’t answer the question? The question was: “Can you assure the American people that nobody in the White House knew about the agency’s actions before your counsel’s office found out on April 22nd?”….Notice the answer? Obama says he didn’t know about the IG report until it was leaked. This is not an answer as to whether anyone in the white house knew about the IRS targetting before April 22nd. The question wasn’t “did you know about the IG report before April 22nd”. In fact he should have known the IG was investigating reports of abuses at the IRS. We need to get people under oath, this goes much, much further than some “rogue IRS agents” in Philly.

Love the kids

What’s even more concerning to me is that it is bad enough that he knew and let it happen, But I am even MORE WORRIED that an agency and under control of the White House can do something like this for years, report after report came out about it, and the MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD isn’t even informed by people what is going on. It makes you wonder who is REALLY running this country.


Mr. Obama, you are the President of the United States. It’s your “job” to know what’s going on in the Government.



On Benghazi: “I was not told…” (I don’t know) On Fast and Furious: “I was not involved, and it was started by Bush…” (I don’t know..) On IRS Scandle: “I just found out a few days ago…” ( I didn’t know) On ANY Issue: “I don’t know…”

Ok… So the “smartest” president we have ever had, apparently knows NOTHING about all this stuff that he SHOULD know about… So my question to Obama is this….

If you know nothing about ANY of this, What exactly DO YOU KNOW, Mr. President?? Because from this perspective it doesn’t seem like you will admit to knowing ANYTHING.???

If you don’t know ANYTHING, how exactly are you qualified to be POTUS?


Let me see if I understand this. The self-proclaimed Emperor knew nothing about “Fast and Furious,” except to blame George W. Bush for (which he had nothing to do with). He also knew nothing about Benghazi where 4 American heroes died unnecessarily. As the father of two American soldiers, I find this beyond appalling. He also claims not to know about the IRS criminal acts, or the Associated Press violations. However, he does know about the Georgetown student who wants me to pay for her contraception and even has time to call her on the phone. And he also knows about the gay NBA basketball player and has time to call him on the phone. My question is, what the hell does this guy do all day?


Odumba was NOT asked about the I report, he was asked if anyone at the WH knew about the IRS selectively targeting conservative groups. If the answer is clearly NO, then he would have said NO, nobody at the WH had any knowledge of that activity. But he did not answer the question, instead he focused on the IG report and said he didn’t know anything about the IG report. A clear dodging of the question because he didn’t want to answer it and be on record when the truth comes out.


So again, yet another “we will look into it”. So sick of this, so sick of the senate rinos kissing his butt, so sick of no answers. If this was a republican pres. I would be just as outraged. Please stop comparing this Watergate or this president to Nixon or Bush, at least those president loved this country. I may not have agreed with either of them, but I don’t ever recall having this sick feeling. I refuse to watch anything, unless it is the impeachment hearing.


Interesting that what he said was that he was not aware of the IG’s report. His subsequent assertions of action almost sounded like he is going to find out who kept it from him that the IRS was being investigated and how it was hidden from him, and take actions to make sure that can never happen again. Not that the IRS actions cannot happen again, that he cannot be blind-sided again. If he was serious about this whole thing he would out Sarah Hall Ingram and address not only the current leaders of the IRS, but the ones that were in charge at the time of the incidents.


You can be pretty sure that when a politician replies to your question in a way that ignores or distorts the meaning of your original question that he/she is trying to mislead you. So from Obama’s answer to the question of whether anyone in the White House knew about the IRS’s actions before 4/22, I am very confident that they knew. The question was not whether they knew about the IG report, yet Obama made pretended the question about the IG report. HE KNEW before 4/22!!!! Come on people, including so-called liberals, you know it is a huge stretch of the imagination to believe he didn’t particularly in light of his answer to that question and how he answered it.

Even though politicians lie, they still try to avoid lying, when possible, to save their *sses.

One last thing…
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