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Greta Van Susteren says DOJ 'lucky' they didn't hack her emails


On her Gretawire blog, Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren chimed in on the news that her colleague James Rosen had his emails hacked into by the Department of Justice.

Van Susteren wrote that the the hackers were "lucky" they didn't get into her emails because they're full of details about her sick dog Audrey (pictured right).

From Gretawire:

Had Justice hacked into my personal email account this weekend, they would have had to sort through all the emails from the vet about Audrey’s bowels, urine output, Addison’s disease, electrolytes etc.  (There were also more personal references in the emails but I am sparing Audrey the embarrassment even though there is no HIPPA for dogs as far as I know.)


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