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Beck Issues Challenge to People of Faith in Wake of Okla. Tornado: 'What Have You Done?


"I want to ask religious leaders and you, what have you done with your responsibility and the position you hold?"

(Photo: Paige Perry/TheBlaze)

After a devastating tornado ripped through Moore, Oklahoma on Monday, interview after interview showed the remarkable faith of those who had been hit the hardest.

Though many had lost their homes and every one of their worldly possessions, they still thanked God that they had their lives, confident that they would be given the strength to rebuild.

Praising the courage and resilience of those in Oklahoma, Beck took the issue a step further, noting that many of us only cry out to God when we need help, or find ourselves in a dangerous situation.

"And if you need proof of that, look at how full our churches were post-9/11, and then, what is important here, look who we were when we turned back to God," Beck said.  "The results were spectacular. We were our best selves."

He added: "I want to ask religious leaders and you, what have you done with your responsibility and the position you hold?  What have you done with the light that you have been given, [that] you claim to recognize?  What have you done with the power that you recognize as a son or daughter of God?...Have you done anything?"

"Have you done anything this week that would make anyone say, 'Wow, what is it about them?  I want to be like that.  I want to be able to provide hope to others in dark times.'  If you haven't done anything different than what an atheist can do this week, then your light is not shining very bright at all, if at all," he continued.

June Simson (R) receives a hug from her neighbor Jo McGee while embracing her cat Sammi after she found him standing on the rubble of her destroyed home on May 21, 2013 in Moore, Oklahoma.Credit: AFP/Getty Images

Beck then issued a challenge for people of faith to ask themselves every day, or every week, what they have done to help and inspire others.

"Quite honestly, if you're not strong in that, when real trouble comes your light will blow out," he concluded.

Watch the entire segment on TheBlaze TV, below:

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Beck himself went down to Oklahoma in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy with his charity Mercury One.  They distributed food, water, clothing and whatever else was needed to the victims.  Here are some of the highlights of the remarkable trip:

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