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Real or Fake? The Unlikely Post-Okla. Tornado Photo Making the Rounds


Too perfect?

Many photos have emerged from the wreckage of the Oklahoma tornadoes, some inspiring and some sad, but few have struck a note quite like this:

Courtesy @reedtimmerTVN and @aleithead

Yes, those are bowling pins. And, yes, it looks like the came out of the tornado unscathed.

What makes it all the more amazing is when you realize that this is what the rest of the Moore, Okla., bowling alley looks like:

Courtesy @JEstevezWFTV

“Some have suggested that the photo was staged, but others have noted that a uniform blast of mud is clearly visible on the left side of the pins, making it highly likely that this is simply a freak of nature,” writes Gawker’s Neetzan Zimmerman.

What do you think?


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