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We...Aren't Going to Take S**t From Homophobes': Mysterious Pro-Firearm Ads Use Gays, Seemingly Topless Lesbians to Rail Against Gun Control


Gun control and gay rights are very different issues -- ones that typically have no relation to one another. Yet, some new advertisements and posters that have emerged around the Washington State Capitol merge the two issues in an effort to apparently rail against gun control, while comparing efforts to crack down on firearms to laws that  discriminate against gays.

"Some people dislike gays. Others dislike guns," reads one ad, featuring seemingly topless lesbians. "We should not base our laws on personal dislikes."

Photo Credit: The Streets/Slog

Another ad is a cartoon that features two men who are holding guns. It reads, "We won our right to marry...now it's time to defend our right!" Below that text and next to the guys, who have their hands around one another, another line continues, "And we sure as hell aren't going to take s**t from homophobes in the process!"

It's unclear why the issues are being linked in the posters, but it's certainly an eye-grabbing tactic.

Photo Credit: The Streets/Slog

It's unclear exactly who created and posted the ads, but TheStanger.com's Slog blog provides some intriguing background information that helps better frame the pro-gun campaign's creation and intent:

The QR code on all of the posters lead to the same pro-gun website that prompts readers to decide whether guns are a liability or a useful tool. If you click on the "right" answer—useful tool—you're directed to a series of pro-gun links that affirm your choice. If you click on the "wrong" answer—liability—you're ushered through a series of increasingly paranoid and/or off topic questions that equate cyber crime and prohibition with gun crime, or hypothesize how many criminals you'll have to fight off in your life time. [...]

The questionnaire is supposed to underscore how important it is for you to be armed to the teeth all times.

While the scan goes back to A-Human-Right.com, a website run by a man named Oleg Volk, there is no definitive evidence that he produced or distributed the ads (plus, he lives in Tennessee and the ads are showing up in Washington).

Still, he is a photographer and his personal website notes that he has created pro-gun ads for clients in the past, so, if substantiated, his involvement in this particular campaign wouldn't be all that surprising.

TheBlaze reached out to Volk to discuss the ads, but we have not been able to reach him as of this article's publication.

(H/T: Business Insider)



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