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Can You Spot All the Errors in This Baseball Graphic?


"Oh c'mon."

(Source: Yahoo's Big League Stew blog)

Errors in writing are a fact of life. They happen. But even though not many of us can cast the first stone, that doesn't make some errors any less amusing. Such was the case during a Kansas City Royals baseball broadcast on TV on Thursday night.

Let's play a little game. Can you spot all the errors in the graphic used during the fan interactive portion?

(Source: Yahoo's Big League Stew blog)


We'll give you a few more chances.

Give up?

Okay, let's point them out:

(Source: TheBlaze/Yahoo's Big League Stew blog)

Yahoo's Big League Stew blog explains:

• That Bryce Hunter of the Detroit Tigers sure has similar numbers to the Bryce Harper that plays for the Washington Nationals, doesn't he? Even looks exactly like him, come to think of it. Wonder if he's available on my league's waiver wire?

• Well, it's nice to see Matt Jones has found another career since bouncing his way out of the NFL. Oh, that's not the former Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver, you say? It's actually a picture of Matt Harvey, who pitches for the New York Mets and not the Baltimore Orioles? Welp.

• I'm sure the Chicago White Sox would love to have Manny Machado. He'd come a lot cheaper than Jeff Keppinger, at least. (It really is a wonder, though, that they nailed Machado's name while bungling the much-simpler Harper and Harvey.)

• Oh c'mon. Mike Trout is at least a few years from signing with the New York Yankees.

All you can do is chuckle. And hope someone's boss isn't having a bad day.

P.S. Any errors in this article are intentional. I swear.

P.S.S. My intentional error in the headline was lost on many. Alas, I've changed it.

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