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Was JFK a secret admirer of Adolf Hitler?


A new book published in Germany contends that America's 35th president was a young admirer of Fascist Germany and Adolf Hitler.

The book is titled,  "John F. Kennedy - Among the Germans. Travel diaries and letters 1937-1945," and, according to its editors, Kennedy was "eerily fascinated" with German Fascism.  The Daily Mail reports:

President Kennedy's travelogues and letters chronicling his wanderings through Germany before WWII, when Adolf Hitler was in power, have been unearthed and show him generally in favour of the movement that was to plunge the world into the greatest war in history.

'Fascism?' wrote the youthful president-to-be in one. 'The right thing for Germany.'

In another; 'What are the evils of fascism compared to communism?' 

And on August 21, 1937 - two years before the war that would claim 50 million lives broke out - he wrote: 'The Germans really are too good - therefore people have ganged up on them to protect themselves.' 

And in a line which seems directly plugged into the racial superiority line plugged by the Third Reich he wrote after traveling through the Rhineland: 'The Nordic races certainly seem to be superior to the Romans.'  [...]

Other musings concern how great the autobahns were - 'the best roads in the world' - and how, having visited Hitler's Bavarian holiday home in Berchtesgaden and the tea house built on top of the mountain for him.

He declared; 'Who has visited these two places can easily imagine how Hitler will emerge from the hatred currently surrounding him to emerge in a few years as one of the most important personalities that ever lived.'

Well, this certainly lends a whole meaning to "Ich bin ein Berliner."

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