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Watching This Video of Black and White Bars Could Predict Your IQ


Can you filter out "distracting sensory signals?"

Researchers at the University of Rochester believe simply watching this video could predict your I.Q.

Ready? Go:

The study participants watched clips just like that above and were directed to identify the direction in which the bars moved -- right or left.

What the study found is that people with higher IQs were actually worse at seeing the direction of movement when the black and white bars were presented in a larger image, compared to smaller ones.

The brain filters out background movement, according to the study, and makes it harder for most to see the movement in larger images. Those with higher IQs having trouble detecting the movement in the larger image are therefore thought better at "filtering out distracting sensory signals," the study's video description stated.

"We conjecture that the ability to suppress irrelevant and rapidly process relevant information fundamentally constrains both sensory discriminations and intelligence, providing an information-processing basis for the observed link," the authors wrote.

Check out the full study here.

(H/T: Gizmodo)


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