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Are Eric Holder's Days Numbered?


Could Attorney General Eric Holder's tenure be near an end?  The top Justice Department official had planned to site down with media representatives to discuss new guidelines for handling investigations into leaks following public outcry when it was revealed earlier in the month that the DOJ had been secretly surveilling journalists at the Associated Press and Fox News. The AP though released a statement Wednesday objecting to plans for the meetings to be off the record, taking the same position now of CNN, The New York Times and Huffington Post.

Holder is also the subject of congressional ire with the House Judiciary Committee investigating whether or not Holder perjured himself during May 15th testimony about the DOJ’s broad investigation of the media.  On the ropes with the latest media surveillance scandal, many are now asking how much longer Eric Holder can hang on. Rick Moran Writes in The American Thinker:

Several liberals have already called for Holder to resign, including Bill Press and Keith Olberman. The Huffington Post has also called for Holder to step down or be fired. The steps Holder has taken to mend fences with the left and the MSM are superficial and aren't likely to convince anyone that he should be in charge of reforming DoJ procedures on press subpoenas.

So does he go, or stay?

The heat is only going to increase if the House Judiciary Committee determines that the AG lied under oath about his involvement in press subpoenas.

Up until this moment – Holder has been very effective at taking bullets for the President, who according to Jay Carney, is standing by his man. Jonathan Turley calls Eric Holder the President’s “sin eater” and says that he can no longer be effective in that role.

Rep. Randy Forbes joined 'Real News' Thursday to discuss if Holder did in deed purger himself, and then the panel discussed will and when Holder be ousted from his post atop the Justice Department.

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