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Piers Morgan doesn't care about the AP-DOJ conflict anymore


News came out yesterday that a planned meeting between the Justice Department and several national news outlets would be off the record. The New York Times has said it won't attend, given that stipulation.

How's CNN's Piers Morgan holding up?

"So thrilled by all the latest twists and turns in this Holder off-the-record meeting with media. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz," he tweeted Thursday.

There was a time that Morgan was, however, interested in the DOJ's secret seizure of Associated Press personnel's phone record. "I think what the Department of Justice has done, actually, to the AP is bordering on tyrannical behavior," he said on his show mid-May.

To Morgan's boredom-laden tweet, the Huffington Post replied, "We'll stop tweeting about this stuff when you stop tweeting about cricket."

Morgan is a well-known fan of cricket and regularly tweets about the sport.


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