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Bill Maher: Bush Biking With Wounded Vets 'Like the Cleveland Guy Having a Pizza Party' for Kidnap Victims


"Sends them off to war to get their limbs blown off and then he has them over for a barbeque."



Bill Maher on Friday blasted former President George W. Bush's recent 100K bike ride with wounded war veterans as "nauseating," likening it to the accused Cleveland kidnapper throwing a "pizza party" for the women he kept locked up in his home.

"First he sends them off to war to get their limbs blown off and then he has them over for a barbeque," Maher said on his HBO show "Real Time." "This is like the Cleveland guy having a pizza party for those girls he had in his basement."

One of Maher's panel guests suggested that was "a little much," while actress Brit Marling said he could "go even farther."

“I think it’s sort of sadistic -- it's very tragic when something like that happens,” Marling said. “The idea that, like, these amputees and the technology that’s allowing them to do this is somehow something to celebrate -- people shouldn’t be over there losing limbs in the first place.”

But HuffPost Live James Poulos broke in that the veterans are "certainly celebrating their prosthetic limbs." He brought up the Huffington Post's interview with Bush during the ride where he talked about the injuries many soldiers sustained.

“W said, you know, ‘I don’t pity these guys, because they don’t pity themselves,'" Poulos said. "That doesn’t transcend the fact that the Iraq War was a colossal sh-t show, but it does transcend the fact that there’s kind of this uncomfortable irony between, like, Bush’s relationship and these guys. They’re all out there biking together, and that’s OK.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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